About Us

Based in Cape Town, South Africa, The Scarf Company has its roots abroad when in 1999 founder, Koelsum Ryklief, during a visit to Istanbul Turkey realised that she may be able to fill a gap in the market. As a young fashionable muslim woman she always had trouble finding and matching a head scarf to an outfit. Finding a good quality fashionable scarf was difficult, a common problem amongst muslim women back home. During her visit she was adorned with the biggest concentration of the most beautiful scarves in the world. The passion to provide our community with beautiful scarves/hijabs had begun. Our sourcing currently has a global reach and now in order to accommodate a growing need we have launched a customer online shopping service that will ensure The Scarf Company is geared to serve a much wider customer base.

As a muslim family, acutely aware of the role modest dressing plays in the deep inner contentment and purification of the soul, we wanted to make wearing Hijab beautiful, we wanted it to be worn correctly and we want to wear it with pride. Hijab is not supposed to just look like a piece of cloth covering your head. Hijaab must be worn with love and display modesty in its entirety. A need to change a perception of our younger generation that says “wearing Hijab is for when I’m older”, and for our grownups, we wanted to ensure they did not feel their beauty was fading while wearing hijab. As muslims we know that hijab is our dignity and our honour and earns us respect.

With this passion in mind, our endeavours have been unrelenting to bring forth the most beautiful scarves that any woman could wear with pride and that would characterise and augment their beauty.

The Scarf Company provides scarves for special occasions and for everyday wear and can be contacted via email info@the-scarf-company.com

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